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Fueled largely by millennials and their desire to have an experience that is both grown up and reminiscent of their childhood, the hard soda (or flavored malt beverage) industry saw 57% growth between 2010 and 2015. noted, “Keeping with the millennial generation’s craving for all things ‘craft’ and ‘artisanal,’ we’re already beginning to see the emergence of the high-end sector of the hard soda market. Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas, a startup based in Indianapolis... has branded itself as offering the ‘softer side’ of the hard soda market.

The article also quoted Garden Party creator Erin Edds: “I think millennials in general have an insatiable drive towards whimsy and irony,” she said. “We like quirky, we like interesting, we like the humor in things.”


“Like the cocktails that hearkened to earlier medicinal days when unfamiliar herbs provided flavoring for teas and remedies, Garden Party Botanical’s hard sodas utilize ingredients like lavender and hibiscus. These ingredients aren’t typical for flavoring agents in a sugary soda but, according to Erin, the retro aspect of 1600s botany and the degree of playfulness in experimentation with uncommon flavors is the sort of nostalgia that proves attractive to potential millennial consumers,” wrote

Garden Party Botanical is bringing a higher quality, premium aspect to the hard soda market. Our hard sodas are lower in sugar and use all-natural ingredients. While the product is brewed, it is not considered beer and has no beer or malt taste. With 8% alcohol, these flavorful beverages bridge the gap between craft beers and wine.

Mother Night Presents Garden Party Hard Sodas logo

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