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Welcome to the home of Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas!

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Here's the Dirt

Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas are the most unique plantings in the heady world of hard sodas.

The first blooms in our hard soda garden are Violet and Ruby. One sweet and slightly shy. The other full of moxie. Folks smile recounting the day Violet and Ruby arrived. “Conversation grew livelier, the sun shone brighter, and everyone got better looking.”

Like magic beans, Violet and Ruby have special powers. Enjoy them on their own for their simple exquisiteness. Or plant them with the right mix and create something giant.

Discover the magical world of Mother Night’s Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas —
the drink that will turn your world upside down.

Photo of Violet - Your purple party pal

Meet Violet.

Lemon soda infused with lavender and blackberry. Smoky violet, like the color of a dream. Lightly carbonated, like having fairies dance on your tongue. Sweet with a hint of tartness, like a toddler right before nap time. Washes over you on a hot summer day like …ahh.

Photo of Ruby - There's a new spice girl in town

Meet Ruby.

Ginger soda infused with hibiscus and pomegranate. All the complexity you expect of a true redhead, and all the attitude, too. Unapologetically spicy, unexpectedly smooth. Confident enough to stand on her own or mix to create a cocktail so wicked awesome, it will make you believe in unicorns. You’ll see.

Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas proudly flaunt all-natural ingredients and are bubbling with artisanal flair.

Enjoy them chilled, on the rocks, or mixed with your favorite cocktail concoctions. With an alcohol content of 8.0%, you can enjoy a couple and still hoe a straight row.

Antsy to get your Garden Party on? Find a garden spot near you!

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